Things I wish I would have known before 18.


It’s weird to think that last year at this time, I was going to Ole Miss. I had a roommate, Lauren, and I absolutely loved her. I was SO excited about the year we were going to spend living together. This is also around the time where I started to get sorority girls following me and it just made me even more excited for recruitment in the fall. I was so excited to be apart of something bigger than myself. It’s weird to think that a year later, I’m not at Ole Miss. I’m not in a sorority at Ole Miss and I’m without the place where I felt so at home. These are some things that I wish I would have known before I was 18, mostly before I finished high school. For anyone who is still in high school, embrace the awkward years because we all have them. High school is such an awkward time for everybody and it’s even more weird if you don’t embrace that. It’s nothing like the movies. You don’t go to these huge parties every night-unless you choose to make it like that. Everything in life is what you make of it. I have a lot of regrets from high school and there are so many times where I wish I could go back and redo the night. Ps…Hotty Toddy

Friends aren’t friends if they are mean.

Friends don’t only take from you, the give you something in return.

No boy is worth losing a friendship over.

No boy is worth crying over.

Boys are dumb and oblivious. That never changes.

Nothing is worth doing unless you want to do it.

With that being said, don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

Learn how to say no. Learn how to mean it.

Learn how to be yourself in a world that doesn’t want you to be anything but ordinary.

Dress HOWEVER you want.

The boy who you “idolize” isn’t actually that cool. 

Being dumb doesn’t make you cute. Neither does acting dumb.

Be kind to everyone you meet.

Don’t try and drink as much as you can in one night. I’ve seen girls do this and don’t be that girl.

Know your limit with alcohol. I don’t care who you are, being sloppy is NEVER cute.

Your grades matter a lot more than you think they do. Take school seriously.

Sometimes no answer is an answer.

(Most) Guys only want one thing from you.

Play Taylor Swift as loud as you want. 

Don’t listen to music you don’t like to try and impress people you only kind of like.

Get as much sleep as you can. It’s not cool to fall asleep in class.

Take care of yourself.

Don’t let anyone tell you who or what you can like.

Know that you can’t please everyone so don’t even try.

The only person worth pleasing is yourself.

Ask a lot of questions.

Everything happens for a reason.

Where you end up is exactly where you’re supposed to be in that moment. You may not know it then, but it becomes clear after awhile.

Remember to love yourself first.



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