A Love letter to Colorado


Dear Colorado,

I owe you a huge thank you simply because some of my best memories have happened with you.

I’ve spent what seemed like my entire summer vacation there while I was younger because my family would always visit my grandparents. Finally, when my cousins and I were old enough, we would spend a week or so there without our parents and to me, I felt like the luckiest kid on the planet. Even though my grandparents lived in the smallest of small towns (it literally only had one, maybe two stop lights and most, if not all, of the streets were named numbers) it felt huge. That tiny town was our stomping ground for the summer.

I remember that my grandma bought us bikes from different garage sales so when were were in town we would have a way of getting around, even though nothing was too far to walk. My favorite part about the bikes were the races my cousins and I had around the block. We would pretend to be race car drivers and the well in their front yard would be the stopping station where we would get more gas for our car. My grandma was always so excited to have us there and it was so obvious because we always had something to do. She would always make us scavenger hunts (which usually involved picking up trash (I literally mean dead frogs and trash, I now see what she did there), she ALWAYS had things for us to play with in the basement and she ALWAYS made the best food (zucchini bread). We would start the day with fruity pebbles and either end the night with root beer floats or homemade popcorn, popped by my grandpa.One of my favorite memories from those times is that we would go to the Cheyenne Frontier days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The festival involved Indians, and I always thought that was so cool. I also remember that going to Ogallala, Nebraska was so fun because we got to ride in the back of my grandpas sister in law, Millies’, car which had red velvet seats and off we went to go to A&W on the way to Front Street where a show was put on about cowboys and showgirls in the 1800s.

Julesburg provided my cousins and I with a pool to go swimming in during those hot summer days, gymnastic classes which didn’t help me at all in the long run but I guess it was something to do. Julesburg not only provided us with those materialistic things to do, but it provided us with time to spend with out family. It allowed us to get closer. It allowed us to have a stronger relationship with each other.

Colorado, you’ve provided me with so many happy moments even outside of Julesburg and I can’t thank you enough. I hope to be back soon.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


One thought on “A Love letter to Colorado

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