Dear Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift.jpg

Dear Taylor Swift,

You’re a pretty cool person. You’re on top of the world right now and I have to admit, I’m quite sad about your break. Who else will I have to narrate my life? You don’t know anything about me but I can’t help to want to thank you.

You’ve been my best friend when I didn’t have a friend. You were always there for me when I needed something to understand. You really were a best friend. You somehow always knew exactly what I was feeling when I was feeing it. You were like the older sister I never had. I always knew that you’d always be there for me.

You’ve somehow made me feel at home even when I’m not home. No matter where I am, I can turn on a certain song and it brings me back to the time when that song was exactly what I was feeling. Kind of like how Out of the Woods makes me think of Fall 2014. Maybe it’s the fact that 1989 came out that fall or maybe it’s because it’s the song I needed to hear at the time. I’ve felt comfort in each song. Whenever one of your songs comes on, no matter where I am, I feel at home.

Okay you’re flawless like what. If you ever wanted to share some of your genetics, I definitely wouldn’t complain.

But most of all, you’re a good person. When I met you March 18, 2013, I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t even speak. I just kept giving you hugs and I am SO not the type of person to want to hug someone. You were so genuinely nice. I received a call the day after the show from someone on your tour telling me that you saw our picture was blurry and you were wondering if you could send my sister and I a package. Granted I don’t actually know if you actually saw it but I do know that I didn’t turn that down. That’s something you didn’t have to do at all. I would like to think I was the the first person to receive a ‘swiftmas’ present even though it was in March. You always go out of your way to be so amazing.

So Taylor Swift, thank you.



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