Holiday Outfit Guide

Holiday Outfit Guide

I can’t believe that in a week it will be Christmas. I don’t know where the year went. What’s even more scary is that it’s almost the end of the year. That being said, I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite holiday outfits for this year! I’m a huge fan of the “cape” style dresses/rompers and I love the red color cape dress. I’m also a big fan of lace, I again included a romper and dress depending on your personal preference. I think my favorite trend for the season is fringe. I’m obsessed with it and the fringe romper is so cute. It also comes in black which I love. These outfits range in price so you can find something within your means of spending!

I think any of these looks would be perfect for Christmas or New Years Eve or any other upcoming holiday parties. I love these outfits because essentially are a little bit more “dressy” but you can easily change the accessories, your shoes or how you do your hair/makeup and make them more casual depending on your preference or party.


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