verb \ˈchānj\

to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one’s name; to change one’s opinion

Change is inevitable. Change is confusing and scary but it’s also exciting. Ultimately, change is gradual, although in certain instances, it’s instant. Change is slowly happening around us everywhere we look. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to hide or run from change. Change is the different seasons, the different people you meet, the differences in the people you know. Change is growing up and realizing that it’s okay to outgrow people and that it’s okay to no longer get along with someone. It’s okay because change is okay.

So why is it so scary? I think that change is scary not because of its nature but because when you look back on the previous year, month or even a week, a lot has in fact changed. Even though a lot has changed within that timeframe, it often doesn’t feel like it’s even happening. We so often feel like we are stuck in a rut or stuck in our way of doing things but what we don’t realize is that everything is changing. When you look back on the previous year, a lot has changed but at the time, nothing had changed. But change is good. Change helps people grow. I truly believe that without change, we wouldn’t be real people. I’m not saying that we would be “fake” but we wouldn’t be raw. We wouldn’t feel the way we feel or act the way we act without change. Change is so good for humans because it allows us to grow and to constantly be evolving. Without evolution of the world, society or ourselves, we would live in such a boring place. Think about it, what if you knew a person and never once did they change. What if they were always that same person. Say you met them as a 5 year old, what if they constantly stayed that way for their life? It would be boring and weird. The world would be so different if change wasn’t a thing.

Change shouldn’t be scary. Change should be embraced. Why is it that we so often fear change. Why is it that we are too scared to change our current situations? I think that humans have a way of getting comfortable with one thing and ultimately not wanting to experience the fear or the anxiety of something new. While something new is exciting and great, it does scare a lot of people. New things make people nervous. When people are all of the sudden not doing things the way they used to, I think it freaks them out. I think that’s why change is perceived to be bad. Change isn’t supposed to freak people out. It’s only supposed to make people grow.


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