To the boy who didn’t love me after I gave him my all.

This has been in my drafts for 5 months and I needed to share it regardless of the fact that it is no longer relevant. 

I once read a quote that went against the norm by saying “love doesn’t hurt. Abandonment hurts. Rejection hurts. But love doesn’t hurt because love conquers those feelings.” So when you love somebody so much that you wait 5 months for them to come back to the country because they told you “we can work towards something more serious” if they come back. When they don’t hold onto what they said, that hurts. It’s the feeling you get when they don’t stay true to their word because for the past 5 months you’ve only been thinking about them. You’ve only been hoping they get their visa to come back. So when that finally happens and what he said doesn’t happen, it hurts. It hurts a lot because I’ve waited for 5 months just to be with you and then it changed all of the sudden. I haven’t seen you in 5 months but I don’t want our previous time seeing each other to have been out last. I don’t want a “see you soon” to be the last words I hear you say in person. I don’t that to happen.


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