Mean Girls.

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I, just like many of you, have encountered a few mean girls so far. Whether it be girls you know, or girls you don’t know, girls can be mean.

I began to take what the girls were saying to me and thinking that they were true. Their thoughts about me had become my thoughts about me. They thought I was ugly, I thought I was ugly. They thought what I wore was dumb, I thought what I wore was dumb. From the outside looking in one might not get how the thoughts and opinions of someone else can soon turn to be your own thoughts and opinions but surprisingly enough, it’s quite simple. If someone was telling you that you were ugly surely you would begin to believe even a little bit of it, or second guess yourself at one point or another.

What people don’t realize is how your words can make someone feel. Someone’s words can make it feel like your entire world is collapsing because they are that mean. Someone can make you feel like you’re dying inside because they are that mean. But I think the meanest girls are the one who feel the need to attack others in a group setting.

These are the girls who feel like they are powerless on their own but so powerful in a group. These are the girls who are the most scared. These girls freak out and don’t know how to react when you stand up for yourself. They don’t want to think that others are strong individuals on their own. They don’t want to think that someone can stand up for themselves because lets be honest, they don’t know how to stand up for themselves. These are the girls that are the most petty.

These girls are the ones that are too scared to say something directly to you in a solo setting but they can say everything ONLY in a group setting. These girls feel like they need others to back them up when they are being mean or when they are wrong. It’s the girls who feel like they have to say things in a group setting because without that setting, they really are very weak individuals. These are the girls that get upset over a dress. Yes, a dress.  It’s the girls who can make college feel like middle school. These are the worst girls. These are the girls who will go nowhere in life because they need back up from their “friends” to confront somebody about problems they have. These girls are the girls who need to have a problem with someone at all times. I’m the girl they have a problem with. It’s me one week and a different girl the next week. But when it’s the week that it’s me that they have a problem with, the other girl is their “best friend”. I think these girls truly will fail in life because you won’t always be in a group when difficult situations rise.. These girls don’t know how to act  in difficult situations because remember- without their group, they are nothing.

But to the girls who were mean to me and who bullied me, thank you. I actually am thanking you and I never ever thought I would say that. Thank you for teaching me that I am so much stronger than I ever thought and that I am worth so much more than what yours words say about me because quite frankly, your words don’t dictate my self worth. I dictate my self worth and I am strong.

Because of you, I’ve learned that if you speak up for what you believe in, you can make a difference. I’ve learned that a girl from Saint Louis, Missouri can make a difference. I’ve learned that actions hurt, but words can hurt a lot worse.


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