The One That Took My Grandpa.

You. I don’t have words to describe you other than you took my grandpa. Not only from me but from my family. My sister, my brother, my cousins, my mom, aunt, uncle, etc. You took him from us and have no plans of giving him back. I say this because ever since my grandma died, you came in, got him out when YOU wanted him to leave us, not when he wanted to. It was all on your fucking time. You didn’t let me say goodbye, you didn’t let me do a lot of things. I was grieving the loss of my grandma and not only did I have to grieve that, I had to grieve losing my grandpa. Because of you, the time I came home after my grandma died, he wasn’t there. It was all different. You took him from us without caring about what we wanted. You only took yourself into consideration.

You claim that you’re doing the right things and this is what my Grandma wanted. But it’s not. She wouldn’t have wanted you to not tell us when he’s in the hospital, she wouldn’t have wanted you to treat us this way. Actually, she wouldn’t like you at all. She wasn’t want to not like people but you, I know she wouldn’t like you if she knew what you were actually like. The amount of anger I have in me regarding you is unbelievable. You are an evil person and I can’t change that. Not only did we lose my grandma last year, you made us lose him as well.



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