You’ve been nothing short of a dream. At the beginning of this trip, three weeks felt like such a long time to be away from home during winter break. It seemed like a lifetime, and it didn’t look like my return date was in the future but honestly, three weeks flew by. I kept getting asked what my favorite part was, but I don’t think I have a favorite part. Every day could constitute as a favorite moment because every minute, every second was so new to me. New people, new places, new foods (that I loved but clearly my face decided otherwise), and new memories. All of the people I met in the last three weeks were all so kind.

The first night in the pub was interesting, to say the least…but that wasn’t the only exciting moment, something always kept me on my toes. Mad Friday was indeed mad. Old Trafford was fun and different. Unlike anything, I’d seen or been to before. New Year’s Eve/Day was just an experience within itself. But, even the days where we didn’t do anything, I liked those as well. It gave me the opportunity not to be a “tourist” and just slow down and live instead of being constantly going.

London, York, Lincoln, Cleethorpes, Beverley, Hull, Manchester. Every place is something new, yet they all have a cohesive feel. They somehow feel cozy with the dated buildings that are most certainly older than the United States. I didn’t go to one place and not like it. Why? It was new. I saw everything with a fresh pair of eyes, so caught up taking every moment in. Every turn was something new. On one side of the street you can have modern looking buildings, and on the other side, you can have the dated buildings like I said. I wish I could have captured everything with a camera, but that’s not something you can capture. The camera doesn’t see it how you do, it doesn’t pick up on the little details that catch your eyes, it doesn’t capture the feel of the location, and it only can get so much in the frame.

But I can’t thank Jakes family enough for making me feel like I was apart of the family. Always asking me how I was, if I needed anything, etc. I didn’t feel left out. I was a part of the family during the short three weeks. I wasn’t with my family during the holidays, and I missed that, but I experienced new things. New places. Holidays in different countries.

So, with all of that said. I miss it so much already even though I’ve only been home for a week. It’s safe to say that I’ll be returning sometime in the near future.

Week one video

Week two video

Week three video
I also can’t stop thinking about an Indian/chips with curry sauce/mince pies.


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