A New York Minute

I was in New York for a minute during June and it was chilly compared to the 90+ St. Louis weather! New York is one of my favorite cities ever so I really enjoyed going back! We did a ton of walking during the day and a half we were there. For some reason, my parents seem to be against taking the subway which is so much faster than having to walk from the Financial District to Greenwich Village.


I’m wearing the same top and shoes that I mentioned in my Montreal “Summer” post. If you read that, you can see what I was talking about when I said the stripes are different sizes. I think that makes this shirt fun and different! While navy and white stripes are classic, this gives it a fun twist. Not pictured is the surgical tape on my feet because I had so many blisters and if I walked another mile, I think my feet would have actually fallen off. I’d really like to keep my feet, so these shoes have been “retired” until they don’t hurt anymore. But again, I love these shoes! Stan Smith’s are the popular option when it comes to white tennis shoes. I have them, I wear them, I love them, but I feel like these by Nine West are a “grown up” version if that makes any sense! What you can’t really see is that there is black on the back instead of green. The black makes these so much more versatile. These shoes are also on MAJOR sale right now for only $34.99 when they’re originally $80!!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Can I just take a second to mention how pretty New York is?! It’s so pretty and perfect fo a picture almost anywhere you go…like the middle of the street.

I got this dress (pinafore) in December before my trip to England. I totally forgot to bring it and just got around to wearing it this summer. But it’s so so comfy. It was perfect for walking around in. I find that sometimes jeans or shorts can get uncomfortable after a period of time and this didn’t do that. It was perfect. Mine is from ASOS but I’m sure you can find one anywhere. ASOS is definitely my go to when I want clothes on a budget. I’m always able to find something I like and their shipping is super fast! Most items arrive within 4-5 days. They also have a deal where you pay $19 (although it fluctuates sometimes) for “free” 2 day shipping for a year! I did that because I found myself ordering from there all the time. I also did that because I have a problem and when I order something, I want it right then.


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