Ruffles and Marble

Okay, how AMAZING are these steps?! I need them in my house ASAP. This hotel seriously came through with a location for outfit pictures, although I got plenty of looks iIMG_9446n the process.

I had been wanting Levi’s 501 jeans for such a long time but I was too scared to try them out until I finally just bought them. When I first got them I was skeptical about them and was hesitant to wear them. BUT once I finally wore them, I fell in love. So if you’re feeling the same way, just purchase a pair and try them out! Mine are pretty pricey but I had a gift card to cover most of the cost so I only paid around $20 for them!!! I got mine from Shopbop and they said that the jeans run small and to size up but I didn’t. Okay, I didn’t mostly because the 28’s were out of stock and I didn’t feel like waiting for them to come back in stock, I just ordered my correct size which is a 26. I feel like the 26 fits me fine and the 28 would have been way too big! That being said, I’m so happy with these and now I need to get them hemmed so I don’t have to roll them so much. I’m also so glad I went with the Levi’s because they’re such good quality and they aren’t going to fall apart after one season.

My shirt is surprisingly from H&M and only $15!! I IMG_9451need it in every color because it’s been so easy to throw it on with jeans or shorts. I’ve been able to dress it up with black jeans and heels or jean shorts. Believe me, you need this shirt.

Lastly, the shoes! They’ve been my favorite “heels” per say this summer. They’re platforms which makes them super comfortable and easy to walk in. I bought mine from Nordstrom and they’re by Steve Madden. I ordered my true size and they fit well! I can’t find mine in the same color, but here they are in black which is another great color to have!


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