Lace Up


While in New York, I picked up this top form Zara! I feel like the “lace up” t shirt trend has somewhat come and gone so now brands are looking for different wanys to incorporate it. I’ve seen a ton of lace up jeans, shorts/skirts and variations of it on tops and sweatshirts. My mom actaully saw this top and showed it to me first! What I like is that it’s your “basic” white shirt but it’s different with the black lace up detail. This one is similar that I found online. I really like this one as well!


For my jeans, I again wore my Levis 501’s! They’re so comfortable and they’re also really easy to wear. Some jeans that I have, I then have to worry about which top I pair with them. With the 501’s they’re a classic that everybody needs!




For my shoes, I can’t stop wearing these platform espadrilles by Steve Madden. They no longer have this color, but they do have them in black and in a jean color. These shoes have been my go to’s for when I want to wear heels but want to be more casual. I’m only 5’2 so I’m short and every inch of height I can get definitely helps me out.

Here are other jeans I like that are similar to my Levi’s:

Distressed Levi’s

Patchwork Levi’s

Distressed ASOS

Patchwork Urban Outfitters



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