Ruffled Knits.

IMG_1060.JPGCall me crazy for wearing a sweater during the hottest part of the summer, a rough 95 degrees with humidity. Super fun! BUT, I wore this a few weeks ago on a cooler night and loved it, so I just got around to taking pictures of it. So anyways, it wasn’t super hot when I actually wore it, or I may have melted and died. I shot in this coffee shop last summer and have wanted to go back ever since so I figured this was the perfect time. It’s actually a coffee and beer place which is cool. Some nights they have live music which is fun if that’s what you’re into! I also really love the decor that they have. I like the white brick wall, the blue couch, the orange, the green, etc. IMG_1066.JPG

I like this sweater because while it’s knit, it’s not a chunky winter sweater although you can definitely wear it then. I think it’s going to be the perfect transitioning piece for when we go into fall. It’s something that you could easily wear with shorts like I’m wearing, or with pants when it’s cooler out! The fact that it’s a more “open” knit means it’s see through so I just paired a cream bralette under it! Plus, this sweater was only $35! I especially like the ruffle detail on the front and it seems like that’s everywhere this summer.

For my shorts, they’re just a pair that I made! I think it’s so much better to go to somewhere like GoodWill and buy a pair of jeans for $5 than a pair of shorts for $60. This also allows you to customize the shorts however you want. You can add as many rips as you want, and you can control the length which is nice. I don’t like super short shorts so it’s typically hard for me to find high waisted shorts I actually like. If you aren’t wanting to make your own pair, these shorts are similar to mine although they come with a hefty price tag. These shorts from ASOS are similar as well as these shorts from Boohoo.

IMG_1070.JPGPer usual, these shoes by Steve Madden have been on my feet practically in every outfit I’ve worn on on blog. I like them so much because the color goes with anything. They’re also so so easy to dress down like I have in this outfits or to dress up! I highly recommend getting a neutral pair of platforms. For me, height in a shoe is important. I’m 5’3 so I’ll take the extra 1-3 inches whenever possible. These Franco Sarto shoes are also super cute tan platforms that would go with anything!

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