The Ultimate Comfy Pant.


The ultimate comfy pant and they’re the real deal. They’re better than leggings. Yup, I said it. Something actually beats leggings in a contest they didn’t even know they were involved in. BUT these pants from Brandy Melville are so so so comfortable. I had seen girls wearing the black version of these and like them, but didn’t know how often I would actually wear them. While I was in New York, I knew that I had to go to Brandy and try them on. Well, that lead me to these pants. They’re the same style, just a different color. With these, they’re perfect for spring or summer because they are super light weight and super comfortable. Also, since these aren’t super tight, they aren’t going to stick to your sweat because that would be gross. Unfortunately, Brandy Melville is one size fits all so if you aren’t able to try them on, that can be tricky. Here are also some pants that I would recommend if you don’t find yourself in a location where there’s a Brandy Melville:


Pink and Blue Stripe Pants (SO cute)



As well as my pants, my top is also from Brandy Melville that I got a few years ago! It has embroidery where a pocket would be and these shirts are super popular right now! So with that being said, this is something you can easily find! Here are some of my favorite slogan shirts:

Topshop Amour Slogan Shirt

Femme Forever Shirt

Topshop Not Your Honey Slogan Shirt

I didn’t even bother wearing shoes in the pictures because shoes are lame. Jk, I like shoes just not that day I guess. Anyways, If I was to wear shoes with this outfit, I’d wear my infamous Steve Madden Brayla Platforms. If you couldn’t find those, these would also be super cute!

As always, follow me on Instagram (@sydney.wilhelm) to keep up to date with my outfits!



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