A Walk In The Park.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week so far, we’re halfway to the weekend! Which also means it’s almost 2 weeks until I go back to school….not looking forward to that.

Anyways, I’ve been looking for a denim skirt that I like but haven’t been able to find one. For awhile I really wanted a white one…then a jean colored one…then a black one. I finally settled on this black one from Forever21 for $19.50!!!! SO SO CHEAP. The main thing that drew me into this skirt was 1) not only was it black and cheap but 2) I liked that it was different than your basic denim skirt. Or your basic black skirt. It’s different enough, but it’s still suuuper casual with the ability to dress it up. I was having a hard time trying to think of how I was going to dress up a regular denim skirt, and I kept going back to a black skirt which is part of the reason I ultimately bought this one. Personally, I don’t think of regular denim as “dressy.” Although I know it can be, I definitely resort back to black bottoms when going out! I paired this with some random black belt I found at home mainly because the skirt was too big, but they didn’t have a smaller size. I’m super impatient, so when I want something, I don’t want to wait a week to get it…oops.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

And yet again, I can’t stop wearing this shirt from H&M that’s only $14.99!! It’s so comfortable to wear, and it’s an upgrade from a typical white t shirt. The ruffles really dress this outfit up and dress this shirt up!

Going back to black denim and this shirt, I wore this out with black jeans and black heels, and it looked really dressy while being super comfortable and quite casual if I’m honest. Also, I think how you decide to do your hair, and makeup can dress it down or up! Obviously, if you style your hair, it’s going to make you look less casual in an outfit!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I made this outfit more casual just by wearing different shoes! I wore this exact outfit for my friend’s going away party with my beloved Steve Madden platforms which made it more dressy! But I was just walking/taking outfit pictures in the park, so I wanted to be comfortable. My Converse are a great option for that! If you don’t have a pair GET THEM NOW!!! Especially if you’re in college or going to be in college. I’ve included a link directly to them, so it’s easier for you!

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