Springing Into Fall

IMG_2261With Fall quickly approaching, I’m so ready to be wearing jeans and cozy sweaters. But, for the time being I’m making due with just wearing jeans. This outfit includes the perfect transition pieces to bring you into the cooler months. Or, maybe you live somewhere where you could actually wear this in the fall. This shirt is from Nordstrom Rack . This is definitely a shirt that I will be keeping because it’s so easy to wear it for different occasions. I could dress it down with jean shorts, make it a casual dressy look like I’m wearing or I could wear black jeans, black heels and dress it up even more. I think tops like these are really nice to have in your closet because you can get so much use out of them. Especially when this one wasn’t that expensive!
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These Frame jeans are PERFECT for the fall (I’ll be linking my other favorite jeans at the end of this post)! Plus, they’re so comfortable. I really like the waist and the hem because it’s distressed and something different from your typical jean. The waist is something I’m starting to see more and more but the hem is something people have already been doing. I feel like it takes a pair of jeans and elevates them almost. I easily could have dressed this outfit up with a pair of black heels and I would have been ready to go out.

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Again, obsessing over these jeans. They’re the perfect “girlfriend/boyfriend” style. Mules are also one of the top shoe styles in for summer and fall! These are perfect with a small heel because they add height! I’m all for adding height in comfortable ways because I love looking taller than I actually am.

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These shoes are actually from TJ Maxx!! They were suupper affordable, under $20 for sure. But, if you can’t find them there then you can really find them anywhere! Here is a similar pair for under $20!


Favorite Denim:

Capture.PNG Frame Patchwork Jeans

Capture.PNGFrame Split Hem Jeans

Capture.PNGPaige Uneven Hem

Capture.PNGJoe’s Patchwork Uneven Hem


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