Festival Edit | Forever21

Okay, I NEVER shop at Forever21 but I was looking for an outfit for a festival themed post, and I hit the jackpot. I can honestly say that I’m surprised. Typically I feel like the store is a mess, the employees don’t help you, and it’s impossible to find what you want. But, that day must have been a good day because the store was clean and I found so many options. So, here’s what I found!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.25.35 PM.png
ASOS 90’s Round Sunglasses ($13)

These sunglasses are my FAVORITE for this season! Colored sunglasses were super in last summer, and they’re still making an appearance this summer! I personally love the yellow because it makes my eyes look green. Plus, I love that they’re so cheap since they are such a “statement” accessory.

This dress is not online yet, but when it is, I will link it! ASOS Felt Panama Hat ($32)

This dress is one of my new favorites! I had to size up in it because the waist runs small, but once it’s online, I’ll link it for you guys to buy! The straps tie making it fit a variety of chest sizes (which is perfect because I lack in that department lol). But, I love that it’s super flowy and comfortable!

This hat has been featured a couple of times on my Instagram, but I love it! I’m not typically a hat person, but I can’t stop wearing this style! I recommend trying it out even if you don’t normally wear hats.

Faux Suede Buckled Ankle Boots ($35)

I’ve been looking for booties like this for such a long time, but I didn’t want to spend a lot on them because I wasn’t sure how often I would wear them. I found these and they’re the perfect spring color and perfect price. For only $35, you can’t go wrong! They’re pretty comfortable for what they are, but I don’t recommend wearing/standing in them for 8+ hours! I did that before I broke them in and I can honestly say that my feet were crying at the end of the night. I’m hoping that once I break them in, they’ll be more comfortable!

What are some other brands you want to see featured on my page? Leave a comment and let me know! As always, follow my Instagram @sydney.wilhelm to stay up to date with new posts!



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