Hand Tied Hair Extensions

My newest extensions! They are 18 inches.

Hi guys! As a lot of you know, I got hand tied hair extensions back in June/July for Miss Missouri USA. I had always wanted extensions but didn’t want them to be super high maintenance because I can do that for about a week until I suddenly forget and stop caring about something. So when I heard about natural beaded row extensions I knew I wanted to give them a shot because they seemed super low maintenance and I was right! I like that I pretty much just have to use a different shampoo/conditioner/brush and I’m good to go! I also like that these extensions have a natural wave to them so they match my hair without me having to style my hair every day. Another perk in my book.

I’ll be the first to tell you that before going to Kim, my hair was a M E S S. It was dead, my balayage/whatever it was at that point was grown out and making my hair look even more dead. The ends were uneven and well…you can just look at the picture and see for yourself. img_1668.png

The process was super smooth with Kim. I went in for my consultation where we decided what color would be perfect for me and which length extensions we would do. I wanted to keep my hair color as close to my root color as possible because I didn’t really want to change that! I had lighter ends from a botched balayage that I got in Springfield while I was away for school. We used a gloss to make my hair a similar color to my roots and it instantly made my hair look healthier.


Kim started by adding little beads to my hair and a string in-between the beads which the hair would then be sewn to. kimvalle-43_previewkimvalle-54_preview

After the extensions were installed, we trimmed the hair to make it blend with the length of my hair so it wasn’t super obvious that I got extensions. A lot of people that I know couldn’t even tell I got extensions but kept telling me that my hair looked better which is a win in my book. I’ve seen some extensions that look pretty bad but with these, I didn’t have that problem!kimvalle-63_previewkimvalle-72_previewkimvalle-82_preview

These are 14” extensions!

After you get your extensions installed, you’ll need to go back every 6-8 weeks to get them tightened because they will start to slip a little!

I have had two different sets of hair! My first set which I got in June were 14″ and while they added a little length, they mainly added volume to my hair! Kim recently made my long hair dreams come true with my new 18 inch extensions!


How much is it? The cost ranges because of the price of the hair! Once you go in for your free consultation with Kim, she can give you a better idea of how much your hair will cost! Otherwise, it is $150 per row to install and $100 per row to tighten.

How long do they last? I had my last set of hair for about 7-8 months!

Can you wear a ponytail? Yes!! I was worried about this and was worried that you might be able to see them but it’s not an issue!

Can you tell you have them in? Nope! At first, my head felt a little tight which was a weird feeling but then you get used to it and you can’t tell at all! Honestly, I forget that I even have them sometimes.

How often do you have to wash your hair? I typically wash my hair 1-2 times a week without and with my extensions because my hair doesn’t get oily fast. I will recommend the “WOW” shampoo and conditioner and a wet brush!


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